Plan now for your success tomorrow

Continuing education is an investment in your company. But only putting it into practice will bring you the desired profit.

Changing the way we work - whether in managing staff or in sales - is not easy. Just like in sports, we have to practise and train until new behaviours become automatic. This is a process and it takes time.

That is why we develop holistic training programmes for you and your team. First, your employees learn new methods and tools in small training units (max. 4 - 6 h). This is followed by immediate implementation in practice (2-3 weeks). During this time we help with coaching and consulting. Depending on your needs, we develop tailor-made concepts with 6, 8 or 12 training units. Through systematic repetition, new behaviours become automatic and routine.

Your managers will lead more professionally. Your salespeople will sell better and more. And your employees and customers will be satisfied.

Leadership Professional

You can buy in work performance and expertise. But commitment to your company, creativity and creative enthusiasm are given to you as a gift. But only if your employees feel good about working for you. Your managers are a key success factor for this.

Sales Boom

The guarantee for lasting economic success is stable and long-term customer relationships. You achieve these through professional sales. But what does "professional" mean? It means selling with structure and methodology.

Life & Leadership in Balance

Due to the digital change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers, processes and workflows are changing in many companies. These massive changes must be supported by the people in the company. First however they cause fear and uncertainty. Only the managers can alleviate these fears and lead actionism in the right direction. But …

Coaching & Consulting

What do we humans do when we have a problem, are faced with a decision or need a second opinion? We ask a friend for advice. It is no different in companies and organisations. Therefore - let me be your FRIEND!


Play it safe and get feedbacks! We will gladly give you the contact details.

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About me

I have been working as a certified master trainer and coach for managers and salespeople since 2004.

I myself have many years of experience in both areas - e.g. as head of a trade fair and promotion agency, project manager and in direct sales. I also worked for many years as a sales consultant for an international car manufacturer throughout Germany.
My focus today is on long-term training programmes in the areas of employee management and sales. I am particularly interested in changing attitudes and behaviour patterns. I am not an entertainer, but an active trainer. My greatest joy is to be there when my participants develop and become more successful.

My most important educations:

  • Master Trainer Sales
  • Business and Management Coach
  • Management trainer for executives
  • Certified mediator
  • INSIGHTS MDI® Master
  • Systematic Organisational Consultant
  • NLP-Practitioner
  • Certified Sales Professional
  • Certified Pedagogue